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WordPress on Azure - Getting Started

WordPress on Azure - Getting Started

Documentation 29 Mar 2022

This documentation is provided as a quick start guide to our Azure MarketPlace Clients.


WordPress is the most popular Free and Open Source Content Management system on the internet. Written in PHP and using MySQL or MariaDB, WordPress is the preferred platform for publishers ranging from personal blog publishers to news sites like BBC America that handle lots of traffic every year.

Our marketplace offer packages WordPress, MariaDB, PHP and PHPMyAdmin into a single easy to use service that you can spin up and have your site ready to go.

Launch the power of WordPress and start your publishing journey today.

Install On Azure with One-Click

Key Product Features

  1. WordPress
  2. PHP
  3. MariaDB
  4. PHPMyAdmin
  5. Ubuntu 20.04

Quick Start:

  1. Launch your new instance on Azure. Be sure to select the right instance size that will support your projects. (Instance will take 3mins to Bootstrap the first time)

  2. Using your browser, connect to the instance using http://ip.ad.dre.ss and you will be greeted with the WordPress setup page.

  3. Access details for PHPMyAdmin, MariaDB are stored on your instance in /opt/wordpress/default-wordpress-credentials.txt

  4. You can get further tips on how to add SSL, Backups, and or Upgrade PHP on this site.

Have fun!

Upgrading Software

In order to keep platforms updated at all times, users are encouraged to apply updates to their systems as and when they are available from the various vendors. Below, we provide specific instructions on how to upgrade the various software components that make up this offering.

Note: Be sure to back up your system before attempting any software updates.


WordPress provides an automatic in-place update system that users can use to download and apply patches on their own. This is the recommended way of upgrading WordPress. Using options available in the admin area of WordPress, users can update the system when updates are available with a one-click upgrade.

OS Updates

This image is based on Ubuntu 20.04. Therefore, OS-specific updates can be applied using the systems package manager

    apt update
    apt upgrade


MariaDB updates can be applied using the yum package manager

    apt upgrade mariadb-server


PHP updates can also be applied using the system package manager.

    apt upgrade php

The system is by default shipped with PHP7.4

Our engineers are testing PHP7.4 to PHP8.0 upgrade, once tests are finalised, this guide will be updated.

Backup and Restore

Coming Soon!

All our Marketplace images come with 1 hr FREE Support to get you started. Contact us to get started.