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• 5 Mar, 2022

About Us

Learn more about who we are and what makes us tick.

Who We Are

We are a leading-edge DevSecOps consultancy dedicated to optimizing and securing your company’s development operations. Our specialty is transforming your DevOps into a powerhouse of efficiency and security, bringing together development, security, and operations in a seamless, robust, and flexible manner.

With a deep-rooted passion for technology and an unyielding commitment to our clients’ success, we take pride in delivering bespoke services that are strategically tailored to meet your unique business objectives. We understand that every business has its own set of challenges and opportunities - that’s why our solutions are as unique as your needs.

What We Do

We provide an extensive array of DevSecOps services, including:

CI/CD Optimization: We streamline your Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment process to foster a collaborative and productive environment, reduce errors, and ensure faster time to market.

Testing: Our team implements rigorous testing methods to identify and rectify any potential issues, ensuring your software’s quality, performance, and security.

Automation: We automate repetitive tasks in your software development process, reducing human error, increasing efficiency, and allowing your team to focus on more critical, creative tasks.

Release Management: We ensure that your software releases are more predictable, manageable, and reliable, helping you deliver updates to your users quickly and efficiently.

Configuration Management: We maintain and manage your software’s consistency, providing you with control over your IT infrastructure and improving system reliability.

DevSecOps: We integrate security at every step of your DevOps process, allowing you to deliver secure and efficient software.

Our Cloud Images

In addition to our consultancy services, we offer pre-configured, ready-to-go cloud images on both AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace. These cloud images can significantly shorten your DevOps journey by eliminating the need for configuring your environment from scratch. They are designed to be scalable, secure, and robust, providing you with a solid foundation to develop and deploy your applications seamlessly.

Your Success is Our Success

Our ultimate goal is to empower you and your team, improving your operations, enhancing your security, and driving your business forward. We believe that your success is our success. Let us shorten your DevSecOps journey, optimize your processes, and help you achieve your business objectives.

Ready to transform your DevOps journey? Contact Us today to get started.