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Bastion Host on AWS - Getting Started

Bastion Host on AWS - Getting Started

Documentation 16 Jan 2023

This documentation is provided as a quick start guide to our AWS MarketPlace Clients.


Who needs a Bastion Host? If you manage Linux and Windows servers in the cloud, they are probably sitting in a private subnet behind a rock-solid firewall and security groups to protect them from the bad actors and viruses on the internet. As a systems administrator, you understand the security needs of your organisation. You know that while managing Linux and Windows systems, you need a secure and reliable way to do so. But how do you achieve this? If you answered Bastion Host, this image is for you. If you answered differently, let me tell you why you need a Bastion Host.

Bastion hosts provide a simple and secure way to connect to your servers without needing VPNs. With intrusion protection, multi-system support and key authentication, you can ensure that authorised persons only access your servers. Plus, Bastion hosts are fully managed and highly available, so you can focus on your core responsibilities while we take care of the rest. Keep security and ease of use; launch your Bastion host today.

Some standard features of a bastion server include:

  • Multi-factor authentication support
  • ulti-Operating System support (Linux, Windows, MacOSX)
  • Firewall protection
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection

Why should you use this image?

This image makes it easy for you to deploy your Bastion Server on AWS, allowing you and your users to access your Linux and Windows servers behind a firewall securely.

  • Lean and easy to launch.
  • Includes Intrusion protection (will block any IP address that repeatedly fails SSH authentication for 10mins)
  • Based on Rock-Solid Ubuntu 20.04

So why wait? Click “Continue to Subscribe” to get started.

Getting Started Process in brief

  1. Click “Continue to Subscribe” above to start the deployment process.
  2. Configure your server based on your applications’ needs.
  3. Launch Your server (it takes 60seconds on the first run to deploy)
  4. Access your Server using the IP Address issued by AWS for the initial setup.
  5. Read our Quick Stage guide to get you started.


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