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ECS Optimized AMI

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Understand what an ECS Optimized AMI is and how you can quickly bootstrap your highly scalable container orchestration service from AWS.

What is ECS?

Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) is a highly scalable container management service from AWS. With it, you can provision and configure clusters to run your workloads in a scalable and highly available environment. ECS can take care of autoscaling up or down of your workloads depending on parameter boundaries that are set by the user. A compelling feature of using ECS is you can leverage other services from AWS like load balancers, storage, and database backends (RDS) to provide your clients with a robust solution driven by container services.

Key Features

  • Freedom to choose how to run your compute nodes – in the Cloud (EC2 or Fargate) or On-Premises (AWS Outposts or ECS Anywhere).
  • Security enhanced with Identity and Access Management (IAM) integration to meet security and compliance needs.
  • Monitoring is integrated giving you a front seat to visualizing application operations.
  • Ability to autoscale up or down depending on user-configurable parameter boundaries.
  • Service discovery – a very useful in the microservices world.
  • Ease of integration with other AWS services like storage, databases and serverless.

So what then are ECS Optimized AMI images

Underneath this robust container orchestration solution from AWS is the ECS-Agent which allows container instances to connect to your ECS cluster and Docker the industry-standard container runtime engine. ECS Optimized images bundle ECS-Agent, Docker and a rock solid operating system (Linux or Windows) to provide a battle-tested container orchestration solution.

ECS Optimized images make it easy to roll out your own container solution powered by AWS ECS in 1-click deployment. Our teams have built and packaged some of the best operating systems and provide them to all AWS customers in the AWS marketplace.

Why use an ECS optimized image

If you are planning on rolling out your container solution powered by AWS ECS, starting off using an ECS optimized image has tremendous benefits that can determine the success of your project. Some of the benefits of using an ECS optimized image include;

  • Battle-tested images that are ready to connect to ECS with minimal configuration.
  • Logging and Metrics configuration baked in, making sure your service performance metrics are stored in CloudWatch.
  • Images are continuously updated making sure your application is running in a stable and secure environment
  • Lean and thin images making sure only required OS baseline packages are installed. This has the effect of reducing boot time to 30 seconds. Very useful for highly dynamic infrastructure.

Our ECS Optimized AMI images

We offer the following images in the AWS MarketPlace to the public. To start your cluster using any of our carefully built and packaged AMIs, please use the links below.

Alpine Linux image

​​Debian Linux image

Rocky Linux image

Ubuntu Linux image


Amazon’s Elastic Container Service (ECS) revolutionizes containerization with its ability to efficiently create and manage scalable clusters. Our ECS Optimized AMI images, battle-tested and available for Alpine, Debian, Rocky, and Ubuntu Linux on the AWS Marketplace, streamline your setup, bolstering the success of your containerized applications. Simplify your infrastructure and accelerate your journey in the containerization world with our optimized images – your success is just a click away.

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