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• 5 Sep, 2021

Using AWS Application Load Balancer with AWX

How to use AWS ALB for SSL termination for AWX

If you have installed one of our AWX pre-built images, you should consider adding more security by encrypting all traffic to your AWX instance.

AWX is an open source community project, sponsored by Red Hat, that enables users to better control their community Ansible project use in IT environments. AWX is the upstream project from which the automation controller component is ultimately derived.

If you don’t already have an AWX instance and want to get started, you can launch it now on AWS

Install On AWS with One-Click

For this guide, we are going to use the AWS service, ALB


Getting Started.

From the EC2 Console, access Loadbalancers option and start the process of creating a load balancer. We are going to use an Application Load balancer

Create ALB

Some of the settings to watch out for while creating the Application Load balancer include;

  • Select the right VPC to match your AWX instance
  • Add correct security groups to allow incoming traffic to your ALB and instance

Security Groups

In creating security groups, consider the architecture below


  • Create a target group (remember your AWX instance is listening on port 30300/tcp)

Security Groups

  • If you have already saved your SSL certificate in AWS ACM, you can add it here. If not, choose the option to import it.


Now you can go ahead and create your ALB. It will take about 5mins to create. You should be able to access to access your AWX instance using the ALB dns name. (This can be accessed on the ALB console).

To use a custom domain name (e.g awx.example.com), you can create a CNAME on your dns that points your favourite name to the AWS ALB dns name.

That’s all folks.

Should you need further support: support [] solvedevops.com