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AWX on Azure - Getting Started

AWX on Azure - Getting Started

Documentation 12 Apr 2022

This guide shows how to quickly get started with AWX (Ansible Tower alternative) on Azure


AWX is an IT Automation platform that provides a Web-UI to run Ansible Playbooks. Ansible is an IT automation software that is used for configuration management, cloud resource provision and application deployment enabling Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for organisations of all sizes.

AWX extends Ansible’s power by providing IT administrators with the choice of running Ansible Playbooks using a Web User interface. With a few simple clicks, anyone can automate the provisioning and configuration of VM’s, Cloud resources and Software with security and access controls built in as well as provide an audit friendly interface for finance and security teams to audit who did what when.

Launch the power of AWX and take your Ansible Playbooks to the next level.

Install On Azure with One-Click

What are the benefits of using AWX?

  1. Run your Ansible playbooks on schedule and unattended.
  2. Enable GitOps for your projects.
  3. Automatically start deployments once code changes are pushed to Git.
  4. Use Ansible to configure and manage both cloud and on-premises instances.
  5. Control who can provision resources in the cloud and on-premises.
  6. Complete audit trail to determine resource usage across your organisation.
  7. Empower your DevOps teams to do what really matters for your clients.

What is inside?

The image contains;

  • AWX 17, AWX 19.3.0, AWX 20.0.0 (Depends on MarketPlace image selected)
  • Ansible® Execution Environment 0.6.0 (Only AWX 19.3.0 and AWX 20.0.0)
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Turn-Key DevOps and CI/CD Platform

Quick Start: It has never been this easy to deploy AWX on Azure;

  1. Provision a VM with the right capacity for your needs. We recommend (8GB RAM, 30GB SSD) for small PoC and development environments. NOTE: Instance takes about 10mins to bootstrap.

  2. Access AWX Web Portal

     AWX-17: http://IPaddress
     AWX-19: http://IPaddress:30300
     AWX-20: http://IPaddress:30300
     username: admin
     password: < Unique Details accessible on first ssh login >
  3. Unleash the power of AWX: Super charge your Ansible Playbooks.


We work with our clients to get their Cloud Automation journey right the first time. Our teams use only the best Open-Source and Proprietary tools on the market to deliver secure, robust and scalable cloud and On-Premises infrastructure for our clients. Our MarketPlace offerings extend this expertise to allow even more Azure clients enjoy our products with ease. To show our commitment to this, all our marketplace offerings come with 1hr free support to get you started. Shoot us an email: support [+]


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All our Marketplace images come with 1 hr FREE Support to get you started. Contact us to get started.